“The Devil’s Deal” by Richard Lambert

Brilliant, aggressive, flawed…

… are words which only begin to describe the hero and the villain of Richard Lambert’s first brilliant novel.  Weaving his extensive business experience into the story you are led through the exciting world of small company finance in a masterful way. 

Jeremy Fitch has a vision and nothing and no-one will be allowed stand in his way as he builds a business empire… except one man: the ruthless and deadly arch Investor, Hugh Delaney.

Both men engage in a struggle for power, playing with peoples’ money and their lives as they try to outsmart each other and to claim the ultimate prize: success and the adulation of the London’s business community.

But Fitch can’t do it all himself as he comes to realise the power of the man he has taken on.   As Fitch succumbs to the excesses that power and money offer, one man tries to save a business empire…


If you are familiar with the world of business you will recognise the roller coaster ride as you chase success.  You will also recognise the adrenaline rush Jeremy Fitch feels as he struggles to raise the finance he needs and keep his share price increasing.

For those who are less familiar with this world you will be drawn into the excitement and energy of the world of business through a dark and clandestine story full of intrigue and personal relationships.

In the Devil’s Deal Richard Lambert leads you through a story which, although entirely fictional, many will recognise as familiar territory.


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