Keith Williams

Professional business mentor and coach, Ackworth, West Yorkshire
Began a business career in 1973 by creating The Hand Drier Company Ltd. designing, manufacturing and selling warm air hand driers direct. The business was eventually acquired by a major hygiene business.
For a further 30 years Keith created and developed new businesses, not all successful, returning to college four times to acquire detailed education into the theory of business, management and finally project management.
Keith’s last major business was started with a £4,000 bank loan in the middle of the last recession. Within three years it had a gross profit of £450K, no borrowing and a healthy balance sheet. The business was the second largest independent operator of public telephones.
Keith retired in his early fifties but became disturbed by the number of start up failures and in 2005 came out of retirement and chose Yorkshire to settle and offer the benefit of his experience and education to young companies and entrepreneurs.
Keith’s strap line is; ‘I have already made all the mistakes and can help you avoid making them.’ His aim is to help smaller businesses to develop safely.He now provides coaching to managers and owners, mentoring as an adviser and non-executive director and helps business people learn essential functional technique especially the vital skill of negotiation, something he feels is a lost art and its loss is restricting healthy business growth.
Keith provides an assessment and analysis for all businesses free of charge. He is available to assist, coach or help with learning for a fee that is variable depending on profitability of the client. Keith has been retained by some clients for almost five years.

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