Ian Davison

Ian Davison is an Associate of the Chartered Institute of Bankers who amassed fifteen years’ experience in banking, finance and property before moving into the management and corporate finance consultancy sector in 1991.

Ian has a broad range of experience in banking matters including the commercial financing of public and private companies, partnerships and sole traders.  He has a demonstrable record of achievement in the design and implementation of both recovery and business development strategies in the SME sector for which, in 1997, he was elected a Fellow of the Institute for Independent Business on whose International General Advisory Council he sat for a number of years. Ian has also advised on numerous start-ups, refinancings and performance improvement strategies where good and effective management is the key to success.  His deep appreciation of the need for balanced management teams which do not confuse activity with achievement has produced some startlingly impressive results, especially in the family-owned business sector where the his wealth of experience has maintained family relationships in the face of apparently intractable business issues and also prepared owner-managers for substantial changes including diversification into new areas of opportunity and funding.

In mergers, joint ventures, sales and acquisitions, he advises on re-structuring in order to protect existing revenue generating assets, intellectual property and reserves. He has a demonstrable record of success in negotiating deals in larger, complex and emotional situations.  In such matters, Ian’s absolute discretion, strong inter-personal skills and strategic thinking have proved invaluable not only in institutional and client relationship management but also in briefings at QC, parliamentary and ambassador level.  He has also recently spent a number of years as a main board non-executive director of an international, quoted, private equity company.

In terms of financing and financial reporting, Ian has established, developed and sustained numerous confidential banking relationships on behalf of clients, often in difficult circumstances.

An adept public speaker, Ian is no stranger to the personal development environment and he has both spoken and held workshops at a numerous conferences and seminars.

In his spare time, Ian is a Commissioned Officer in Training Branch of the Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve in which he carries the rank of Wing Commander and works with the Air Cadet Organisation.  He is also a qualified rugby union referee and a member of the Warwickshire Society of Referees.

Ian was awarded Her Majesty The Queen’s Golden Jubilee Medal in 2002 and holds the Cadet Forces Medal and three clasps.

Ian F Davison  FInstIB  ACIB

E: ianfdavison@aol.com

T: +44 (0)7885 722781

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