Tip 4: Wizzard – I Wish It Could Be Christmas Everyday

We are sure you all do. Wish it could be Christmas every day that is. Holidays, presents, good food and drink. What’s not to like?

We guess that the business equivalent to this is being busy every day with lots of orders, lots of customers and lots to do. Being busy is a good thing, right?

Well up to a point m’lord. Businesses clearly need a good flow of profitable business on a regular basis to survive. Ensuring that employees are active and productive for the vast majority of their working hours is a no brainer.  How there is also a danger of becoming busy fools, perhaps servicing customers who are no longer profitable, or losing out on a major opportunity through lack of preparation.

That is why there is also a need for thinking and development time. Good businesses don’t stay good by doing the same thing again and again, however profitable it might seem. Strong sustainable businesses find time to constantly review their products and markets. They ensure that the right strategy, financing and people are in place to achieve both their short and their long term goals.

The truth is that almost every business has its downtime. Whether it is down to seasonality or a temporary hiatus in orders there are times when there is less happening than we would like. It is how businesses and business owners and managers use their slower periods that can make the difference between a good business and a great business.

Good retailers recognise that it cannot be Christmas every day. That is why they use their quiet times to check trends, identify and source products, and organise timely deliveries, thus ensuring that, in the words of Kate Bush, “December will be magic again (and again and again….)”.


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