Tip 1: Cliff Richard – Mistletoe And Wine


We start with Cliff as does modern British rock and pop music. It is easy to mock the Peter Pan of pop, and indeed many do, but when he released “Move It” in 1958 it was possible to believe that the Brits could rock and roll with the best of them. However singing “The Young Ones” was never going to sit comfortably as he moved into middle age, so Cliff undertook a spot of rebranding and became a regular purveyor of Christmas singles, a change that fitted well with his Christian beliefs and his public persona.

Throughout the eighties and nineties, the release of a Cliff record at the end of the year may not have been treated with the same sense of anticipation as the Christmas release from the X-factor winner is today (although possibly with the same sense of trepidation) but nonetheless sold and did not do his bank balance any harm at all.

Businesses, like people change as they get older and have to adapt to a new climate and new challenges. By maintaining a career in a tough industry for over 40 odd years Cliff has shown the ability both to adapt with the times and to undertake regular rebranding exercises whilst remaining true to himself. There are lessons there for all of us.



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