“Goodbye Dave” by Tony Drury

A City financier, who chaired a Tory fundraising club, has explained his decision to leave the Party, in his book Goodbye Dave, published in May 2011.

Tony Drury, the founder of St Helen’s Capital, blames Cameron for failing to win last year’s General Election properly. His decision to invite the Libs-Dems into a Coalition is going horribly wrong. Millions of pounds of taxpayers’ money have been wasted on an AV Referendum that should never have been instigated. He rejects David Cameron’s brand of Liberal Conservatism and worries about the influence of the “Notting Hill” set.

Drury was Chairman of The Blue Dragon Club, the Welsh Conservatives’ fundraising organisation, which holds dinners and receptions in London, and was a supporter of the Conservative City Circle.

In the book, he writes:

“Cameron’s toadying to the Liberal Democrats, with Nick Boles and the Notting Hill set screaming in delight, is a betrayal of everything I have believed in and worked for.

“The 1922 Committee is squirming in agony. They occasionally question the proposal of a joint manifesto in the assumed 2015 election, but Cameron is walking all over them.

“His arrogance is beyond belief. He is power crazed and already planning his own history. His Etonian approach to being Prime Minister, his already frightening lack of consistency, his lack of grasp of economics and his bullying style does not bode well.”

Tony Drury argues that not only should David Cameron have won the General Election hands down, after being defeated the Conservatives should have “gone for minority Government and stayed true to Conservative principles. I was baffled that the Conservatives should consider Coalition with the Liberal Democrats, disagreed with it at every stage and have watched subsequent developments with horror.”

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Goodbye Dave is published by Enterprise Britain, ISBN 978-1-4476-6854-1, and is available on www.lulu.com.


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