Enterprise Britain

There are 4.8 million businesses in Britain that qualify as a Small to Medium Sized Enterprise (SME)!

That’s a staggering number.

To put it into context, the corporates that employ more than 250 people each account for only 0.4% of all businesses… the rest are SMEs, employing 58.7% of the British workforce.

We call this massive proportion of the economy: Enterprise Britain.

The thing is many of us in Enterprise Britain are often lonely and not understood. We do not have massive support staffs and boards of Directors. Successive governments have been piling on the red tape, it’s difficult to raise money from banks and we cannot afford the financial, legal and tax advice of the very richest which means we pay proportionally much more tax than they do!

For most of us, though, we would not want to work for anyone else, we love our businesses and, with just a little help and support, it would be a great life.

Welcome to Enterprise Britain.

Enterprise Britain started life as the musings of Chairman Drury but rapidly expanded to include blogs from other entrepreneurs about life in the world of Enterprise Britain. We hope you enjoy their writings, recognise some of the issues you face and perhaps recognise or even laugh at their experiences!

Enterprise Britain is developing into much more than a series of blogs. We bring the plight of small businesses to government (be warned David!), to the banks we have to do business with and to regulators who administer the red tape we battle with every single day.

We are adding more and more material all the time so make sure you check back to the site regularly to find out what’s new … you can also let us know what you’d like to see, learn more about and read.

The blogs are circulated every week by newsletter. Our readership will soon reach 100,000 and will continue to expand. But we need to reach more and more people so we can make a real difference. So please do subscribe to the newsletter (free of charge) and encourage others to do the same by sending an email to mail@enterprisebritain.com.

You might even be inspired to comment on the blogs or to write one yourself. We would love to receive your musings. Just write them and send them to us.

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