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Where does the British investor put his money?

Tony Drury argues that whilst the FSA have tried to eliminate risk, in doing so they have ironically caused one of the most riskiest investment markets we have ever seen.   Tweet This Post

Proposals to Boost UK Small Cap Market

Britain’s stock markets should be leading the nation’s economic recovery, providing cash to the new generation of companies that will provide our growth between now and 2020. Yet money raised on AIM is at its lowest since 1999. We are…

SEED/EIS and Funding for Lending

Tony Drury explains why the current Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne has got it wrong with the SEED/EIS and Funding For Lending schemes.

Asian Citrus (ACHL) The Future’s Orange?

Asian Citrus grows oranges in China and also owns two juice concentrate factories. It is dual listed — quoted in London and Hong Kong — and is a decent size company at UKĀ£400m market cap. Its latest set of results, were, at first sight, disappointing, but dig down a bit, and the company becomes interesting.

UK real estate is not an attractive area …

… but we have found one (Quintain) which we made 35% on in two months and there is a whole asset class which we recommend here. The trick is to buy quality but also what you think will be the ‘next thing’ for international investors.


Call centers: this is what it feels like!

Pranksters get even with Belgian mobile phone company.

To fully appreciate the prank please watch the video to the very end.


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