“Calm Down Dave” by Tony Drury

In 2010 David Cameron lost an election which, according to the author,”he should have won hands down”. In ‘Calm Down Dave’ Tony Drury shows how Cameron’s growing liberal tendencies led to a Coalition Government with the Lib-Dems.

Tony Drury is the founder, and previous Chairman of St. Helen’s Capital plc, for many the most successful PLUS-quoted corporate advisory firm in London. He published six financial books including the text book for finance houses and an explanation of Investment Clubs.

For 25 years Tony was a strong supporter of the Conservative Party serving as Councillor, Chairing interest groups like the Blue Dragons Club and even considering serving as an MP for the Party.

Earlier this year Tony wrote ‘Goodbye Dave’ a personal and occasionally emotional tour of his professional and political life culminating in his decision to leave the Conservative Party.

In ‘Calm Down Dave’ Tony provides the evidence for his reservations about the Cameron led ‘liberal lurch’ of the Conservative Party. He voices his concerns about several Downing Street advisers who seem to hold an almost hypnotic influence over the Prime Minister. He even suggests that Steve Hilton, the proponent of such schemes as ‘Big Society,’ and the cry that the Civil Service are the enemies of enterprise, is a threat to national sanity.

‘Calm Down Dave’ is a ‘must read’ for anybody with any interest in our political developments

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Tony Drury
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Goodbye Dave is published by Enterprise Britain, ISBN 978-1-4476-6854-1, and is available on www.lulu.com.


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