Immigration: look either East or West!

You will have an opinion on the issue of immigration. I am sure you are aware that as a member of the EU the UK is legally obliged to operate an open border policy. There are huge problems across Europe with the influx of eastern Europeans. It is rarely mention but there are two million gypsies who roam across the borders.

Migrationwatch estimates that around 1,000 immigrants a week will start to arrive from Rumania and Bulgaria in the New Year. It is generally accepted by more serious commentators that David Cameron’s rhetoric about stiffer tests is window dressing devised by his overpaid Australian strategist.

‘The Sun’ in the last week has published some fascinating articles on the subject.  On Wednesday Rod Liddle visited Boston in Lincolnshire. In 2001 the population, called Bostonians, were nearly 100% British. They now numbers 64,000 of which 84% are home born. The main thoroughfare is called ‘West Street’. The locals have renamed it ‘East Street’.

The immigrants come because there is money to be earned in the potato and cabbage fields. They work very hard and reduce wages. They open shops, bars, restaurants. The dominant influx has come from Poland. Rents have increased because landlords can make more money from five or six male workers sharing than from a family with children.

The weakest part of Liddle’s article is about the Council. They see impotent and overwhelmed. The police are dealing with the crime which seems mainly to centre on drink and theft.

‘The Sun’ editorial seems unable to come to a conclusion. They side with the local population (“their anger is understandable”) and then refer to the fact that without migrant labour the booming fruit and vegetable farms would be struggling. On Friday their surveys seem to side with those who are already here but show rising concern about the coming Eastern Europeans (59% negative).

Nigel Farage is capturing the national concern brilliantly. If you read the UKIP election manifesto you will realise that he is a popularist who is basically beer and hot air. I think Cameron drinks fine wines but his utterings fall into the Farage camp.

Over to you. Is the main Street in Boston looking East or West?

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