Mr. Angry pays tribute to his ‘silver worker

Even by his acknowledged standards of brilliant oratory Mr. Angry’s eloquence, at the Sunday lunchtime gathering in the Moaning Cow public house, was dazzling.

I, Mr. Winston Churchill, Thatcher Angry” he began, as his drank his fifth pint of Australian lager, “wish to pay homage to my own silver worker.”

Mr. Angry was referring to the recent report from the Home Office that the number of people aged over 65 who are still working has exceeded the million mark for the first time. Among 65 to 74-year-olds, one in four individuals are still at work. This comprises 615,000 men and 388,000 women. It is the highest level since records were first maintained.

“It is a tribute to the resoluteness of the British people that we, the older generation should, by our toils, get Britain out of recession.”

“What have you done, you drunk?” shouted the man playing the fruit machine.

“And nobody personifies the silver worker better than my own beloved Mrs. Angry” he shouted as the tears poured down his face. “Each day, from the early hours, she is cleaning offices, washing clothes and serving in the local coffee shop.”

“I read that report” said a lady in the third row as she put down her bingo cards. “It said that we’re all living longer, we have reduced pensions and, of course, there’s been the abolition of the compulsory retirement age.”

“In the case of my beloved Mrs. Angry” continued Mr. Angry “it’s her determination to serve the nation.”

“Where is she today?” asked one of her friends.

“She’s having a small operation but such is her determination she’ll be back at work soon.”

“Mr. Angry” cried Rita the bar maid. “It’s the hospital on the phone. Mrs. Angry’s hip replacement operation has gone well. As per your instructions they can have her back at work by Thursday. Er…Mr. Angry?”

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