Which one of the Seven Dwarves was he?

If you’ve read my recent HR Blog you’ll know that I’ve spent a little time in waiting rooms recently.

Just as I was losing the will to live, having heard the main stories on the BBC News Channel what seemed like 50 times, I had a very pleasant little interlude that made me smile.

Picture the scene if you will…

We’re in a motor dealership  at Galashiels in the Scottish Borders.  It’s pretty rural and very traditional.  The waiting room is comfortable enough and there’s even wireless!

A middle couple come in, I guess they must be in their mid fifties, and sit down at a circular table facing the television, which is still showing the BBC News Channel.  They don’t say anything to each other.  I don’t think they’ve had an argument, they just aren’t communicative.

A story about Nelson Mandela comes on the news.  He’s had a chest infection and is in hospital.  The man sitting at the table grunts and says to no-one in particular:

‘Well he’ll be dead soon.’

The lady says nothing.

The news now switches to North Korea and the hot rhetoric coming out of that country; time to ‘settle scores’ with the US.

The man grunts again.

‘Aye, that’s the next war, no doot.’

My ears have pricked up by now and the lady, again, says nothing.  I can’t wait for the next story.

The Russians have cut the journey time to the International Space Station from 50 hours to 6 hours.

‘That bloody thing’s bound to fall oot of the sky soon… and it’s bound to drop on us!’

Oh, this is brilliant.

The next bit of negativity comes from an unexpected source.  The lady is reading a magazine, specifically the property pages.  Suddenly she says: ‘Look at this lovely 6 bedroom hoose… it’s brand new.’

‘Och, it’ll be crap.  There’ll be drafts and leaks all o’er the place.’

At this point I have to leave because I can only just cover up my laughing with a completely unnatural coughing fit.

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