Swearing is Good

I don’t actually believe that but sometimes it does seem to be the only real option when a series of ‘things’ go belly up.

Take the last 24 hours for example.

I drove up from my Parent’s home in East Anglia last night and it being a 400 miles journey I was hoping and praying for a smooth run.

The journey itself is pretty Simple; here it is in short: A146 – A47 – A17 – A1 – A720 – A702 – Home

This is actually what happened: A146 – A47 – A52 – B6403 – Dallygate Lane – A1 – A1167 – A698 – A1 (torrential rain) – A720 – A702 – Home.

To say that I’m a little jaundiced this morning is an understatement… and my fingers don’t seem to be working properly because I’ve just re-typed this sentence four times trying to get rid of the typos…

And we’re out of space in the office and the new office we’d secured fell through on the day we got planning permission so I’m sitting in the pub next door making use of their free wi-fi (and drinking coffee, I hasten to add) and I just wrote 800 words of my new book (Brand Based Selling) and lost the lot because my ancient laptop suddenly decided to have a memory loss… and… and… and…

Oh, ^%$£$%& %*($ ^%£ %&*( )_&*£ off.

You see… I feel much better now for just letting rip, even if it’s just at you guys.  Thanks for listening, by the way.

But, as I get back to the writing bit, I have to say the issues are still there and swearing at them has only given me temporary respite.

But that’s the thing.  During my temporary respite I took the opportunity to take stock and think about what I need to do to start resolving these issues.  Swearing made me draw breath and even take a little step back.

When I did that, the first thing I spotted that was that individually all of the issues were pretty small fry… if any one of them came along individually they would be fairly simple to deal with.  Therefore, I had to separate out the problems and start to deal with them in a realistic way, beginning with short term and so on.

So, for example:

  • Being tired: not much I can do about it right now but sleep tonight will sort out that situation
  • Losing 800 words: okay, a pain, but I’ve already done the thinking and I can re-write them in about 45 minutes
  • Ancient laptop: get a new one; I can do that tomorrow when I go into town
  • New office: longer term but intensify the search

And so on.

So, the moral of the story is: swearing is good but not perhaps for the reasons you thought it was!

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