Shrink wrapped society

I was walking our woofer down to work the other day.

It was a lovely morning in Edinburgh – only raining a little bit and the temperature was above freezing.

To be honest, I wasn’t thinking about much when I noticed a couple sitting in their car.  The bloke was driving.  He was indicating to pull out into the flow of traffic… so nothing unusual there.

But when I glanced at the lady I noticed she was holding a plastic tub; slightly larger than a yoghurt pot, the contents were steaming and she was gently blowing on it to cool it down with her spoon poised ready to take her first mouthful.  It was a pot of porridge.

I can’t remember ever seeing this sight before but it set me thinking.

Which is always dangerous.

Why was she eating her porridge in the car?  It struck me as kind of ridiculous that she didn’t have the time to bung the pot in the microwave a few minutes earlier and eat it sitting at her own kitchen table.  Was she doing it because it is trendy, the latest designer label, like taking a Starbucks into work (before they had to come clean about their tax affairs) when there’s a perfectly good kettle?  And what about the bloke?  Had he eaten his porridge already?

Anyway, I didn’t think too much more about it except to tut in a sort condescending way before being pulled along by the dog.

But that evening I thought I’d have a quick look in our bin to see how much we ate out of packets.  And I was shocked because I didn’t think it would be as much as it was.

There was an empty Flora carton from breakfast and an empty pot of soft cheese.  There was a plastic tray which held the Italian meal we’d had for our dinner and a plastic bag for the garlic bread and another one for the salad.  There was an empty tub of ice-cream (we were obviously having a clear out of the Christmas treats) and a couple of spent discs for the Tassimo cappuccino maker.

Hmmm… I left Smugville pretty damn quick just in time to arrive at Contrite Town.

In a previous blog I talked about being in a hurry and here’s another symptom of it… so I have made a late New Year’s resolution… errr…

I’m going to recycle more.  The fact that all those packets were in our general bin was a disgrace!

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