Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

Once upon a time…

(I’ve always wanted to start a story with those words!)

Once upon a time there was a franchisor who had a magic mirror (for mirror, read network).  The franchisor used to look in the mirror as ask it a simple question: ‘Mirror, mirror on the wall who is the bestest franchisor of them all?’

‘You are.’ always came the reply.

Then one day, when the franchisor asked the question there was a Discordant Voice:

‘I don’t know,’ said the voice, ‘But it ain’t you!’

Well, as you can imagine, this shocked the franchisor and it threw up its hands in dismay.

‘How dare you say such a thing?’  Demanded the franchisor.

‘You’ve got a mirror,’ replied the voice.  ‘Take a long look in it.’

But the franchisor couldn’t believe that any voice coming from their mirror would challenge them and so assumed there must be something wrong with the mirror.  And so, they took the mirror and cast it upon the floor, breaking it into many pieces.

The franchisor thought to themselves that that was the end of the matter and that there would be no-one now to say that just perhaps they could improve things in any way, even just a little bit.

But, oh dear, how wrong they were.

‘Oi… you’ve broken your mirror,’ came the Discordant Voice from the cracked pane of glass.

‘No we haven’t!’  Shouted the franchisor.  ‘That mirror is perfect is every way… it’s you that’s wrong!’

‘Really?’  Asked the Discordant Voice, ‘Then why are you getting so up-tight when someone challenges you and asks you to review what you’ve done for them?

There was silence for a while as the franchisor thought upon the words of the Discordant Voice.

‘Well it’s because we’ve done nothing wrong and there’s no possibility of us doing anything wrong.  Ergo, it must be you that’s wrong…’

The Discordant Voice sighed sadly to itself and went back into its corner of the mirror in the hope that it would be left alone to build a business in its own way without the need to join in the chorus line from the rest of the Mirror when it was asked a question: ‘Mirror, mirror on the wall…’

And I guess the moral of the story is that, for everyone to live happily ever after, I long hard look in the mirror in needed by all…

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