Is Writing a Thing of the Past?

Now, I have to say I’m no technophobe… I have an i-pad and everything.

Although, it still amazes me how I can download an album from i-tunes onto my ‘phone and faster than I can switch them on it’s on my i-pad and on i-tunes on my PC.

I guess to summarise things, I’m young enough to be pretty switched on to technology and what it can do but old enough still to be impressed with it… and it’s the last half of that sentence this particular blog is concerned with; being old enough to remember.

You see, I still like to carry a notebook and a pencil or pen.  I’m sad enough to get great satisfaction from taking notes as neatly as I can and then using those notes later to create a proposal or a report…

As I’m writing I do recognise how sad that sounds.

As a consequence of liking the old paper notebook (as opposed to the very small laptop) I need to have a means of writing.  I like a pencil and have a variety of plastic ones with me at all times.  However, there are times when nothing but a pen will do.  My mum bought me a nice Roller Ball a while ago but I used it so much it ran out of ink.

Not an issue, I hear you say, just buy a refill.  And indeed I tried to do just that… and I’m still trying 2 months later.

I have to admit that I haven’t spent the whole 2 months only searching for a Parker Pen refill but whenever I’m out I try to get one.

And it ain’t easy.  First of all there’s the issue of finding the right outlet; a matter that was brought to a head whilst I was on Reading Railway station the other week.

I’d been running review meetings for a client and was on my way home.  I had a couple of minutes to spare so thought I’d get my pen refill.

How many outlets on Reading station do you think there are that sell stationery?  Nope, you’re quite wrong.  In fact, there are 12 food outlets, a Boots (which sells mostly sandwiches) and a WH Smith which also sells mostly sandwiches.

Not one place sold a pen that I can find, anyway.

How can that be?  Is writing no longer required?  Is it all typing on a laptop or tablet?

If it is I’m going to miss it, but I can’t believe it…

And finally, to the point of this blog: Does anyone know where I can get a refill for a Parker Roller Ball?

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