Getting to Grips With Social Media

Or, as my daughter pronounces it Social Meedja!

We’ve always been involved around the fringes of Social Media with our franchise business.  You know the sort of thing: dabbling in a bit of Facebook here, attracting a few followers on Twitter (or Twit-ta, if you are a teenager) there.

But recently I’ve been giving it a real push.  I’ve started learning about how to vary posts, scheduling and loads of other stuff besides.

I’ve come to a couple of startling conclusions about the whole area of Social Media.

The first is this.  I don’t believe anyone yet has figured out how to really use it to it’s full effect for business.  There are definitely loads of people who will tell you they have and that you have to be patient, it’s about building a following and slowly getting into relationship with them… I’m sure you’ve heard it all before.

I’m also sure it does work for business… I just don’t think anyone knows why or how to exploit it really effectively.

The second conclusion is this: it’s a lot of fun mucking around with Social Media and it seems to work for us…  So I thought I’d share with you my top five tips for a successful Social Media campaign.

Firstly: I have a plan.  I have a sheet of paper (very 1980s, I know, but it works for me!). (Was that just a little defensive?)  I have the days of the week across the top and then the messages I want to deliver down the side to create a grid,.  I fill in my sheet every Friday afternoon so I have at least 5 things going out every day.

Secondly: I use Hootsuite ( to schedule everything on my sheet.  It takes me an hour to find photos, quotes and links to websites and then schedule all to go out over the following week… it saves me loads of time.

Thirdly: I look at who’s tweeting what every day and I re-tweet stuff I like.

Fourthly: I think of our Social Media like it’s ITV.  In other words I put out 80% of stuff that’s interesting, funny, educational and so on.  I then intersperse the interesting stuff with 20% sales messages… you know, ‘come in and see us, we’re great’.

Fifthly: I create themes for people to follow… photos of our team going out one a day over a couple of weeks, for example.  I’ve also created an imaginary friend called Steve who’s going to do stand up comedy for charity.  I try out Steve’s material for him… and so on.

I know it’s all really simple stuff but it’s working for our businesses.  Find us on Facebook by searching Tax Assist West Edinburgh!

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