Europcar Part 2

So, I wrote a blog about the Eastern European guy from Europcar who told me that I needed to go and talk to myself to ask me what I needed to do about our Europcar corporate account…

But I booked my car (with Europcar) via the easyJet website instead for a lot less money.  I entered my flight number, my time of arrival and, of course, my credit card details.

And I have to say on Sunday morning everything was going swimmingly well.  EasyJet was on time and I fetched up at the Europcar desk in Stansted Airport bang on 8.30am – my appointed hour of arrival.

‘I have a car booked this morning under the name of Lambert,’ says I.

‘We’ve got no cars.’


I thought the guy must have mis-heard me.  ‘But I’ve got one booked… here’s the reference number and everything.’

‘We’ve got no cars.’

Now I was getting angry.

‘But I’ve booked, how can you have no cars?’

This time the guy just looked at me with what I can only describe as a face that said ‘I don’t give a shit’ without actually saying the words.

After a few seconds I cracked and asked, ‘Well, I have a car booked; what can we do about this?’

There was a minuscule shrug of the shoulders.  ‘Complain to head office.’

I couldn’t believe this guy’s attitude and actually had to run through the scenario to make sure I was actually the customer.  When I checked, I realised I was so carried on trying to find a resolution.

‘Well, when will there be cars?’

Another shrug.  ‘At least an hour… but there are 3 people waiting ahead of you and a car went out 2 hours late a few minutes ago.’

This was now ridiculous.  I went round the other providers and a very nice lady from Budget Rent-a-Car (who actually apologised for Europcar) sorted me out with a new vehicle… which just happened to cost £20 more than the small car I’d originally booked.

But here’s the coup-de-grace.  The oink from Europcar could cancel my order but I won’t get my money back for 10 days.  How outrageous is that?

The whole situation has left me very annoyed.  And it needn’t have done.  All the guy needed to say was ‘I’m really sorry about this we don’t have any cars right now.  My best guess is an hour but if you’d like to try the other firms I can cancel your order…’

It takes a little bit of training to get to that position, but a whole dose of common sense to go with it…

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