Chance Meetings

Renee and I went to Miami for a holiday a few years back.

After a very pleasant day by the pool we decided to have a shower and head out to look for a restaurant.

We walked along the beach front and picked a restaurant at random.  The smiling waitress saw us waiting and I asked for a table for two.

‘Sure,’ she said.  ‘Would you prefer inside or on the boardwalk?’

It was a very nice evening so we said we’d like to sit outside.  The restaurant was pretty full and the waitress directed us to a table which pushed up close to another table which already had a couple sitting at it.

‘I hope you don’t mind sitting so close to this couple,’ she said speaking to all of us.

We indicated we didn’t and so did the other couple who were deep in conversation with each other.

The waitress left us with a couple of menus.

As I was reading my menu I felt the guy I’d been placed next to looking at me; staring is a more accurate description.  I lowered my menu and looked back.

‘Richard!’  Said he.

I was dumbstruck.  How did this guy know my name?

‘Yes,’ I said tentatively.

‘I knew it was you,’ he said with a big smile.  Well, he was one up on me at that point.  ‘I’m David.’  He might well have been but I was still in the dark.  ‘I came for a job with you a few months back!’

Oh, dear God.  How could this be?  3,000 miles and we’re sitting next to a guy who didn’t get a job with us.  I smiled weakly.  ‘Oh, errr… well, are you sorted now?’

David laughed.

‘Don’t worry,’ he said.  ‘My boss got wind of the fact I was looking for another job and promoted me… I rang and explained I didn’t want the job after all.’

Phew!  After that we could relax and get on with the evening, which we spent with David and his new wife.  Very pleasant it was, too.

I’ve often thought about that meeting and wondered whether there was a deeper significance to it that I missed.  There’s a book called The Celestine Prophecy which talks about chance meetings and how they are no such thing.

The book goes on to say that if you meet someone at random or even if you exchange a glance with someone you should speak to them and find out what information they have for you.

The book goes on to say that these meetings are not coincidences; the person you meet will have something to say that will help you move your life forward towards your ultimate goals.

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