Bizarre Conversation

I had the most bizarre conversation I have ever had with a service provider this afternoon.

Let me set the scene for you:

We have had a corporate account with Europcar for about 8 years or so. I ring the corporate line and get through quicker, have access to (supposedly) better deals and generally make myself feel important. There has never been an issue and there has never been a query.

Today, though, the fella on the other end of the line (who was from Eastern Europe) said our account had expired and therefore could not give me the corporate rate of £37 for a 1 day hire.

This is what happened next:

Me: Why not?

Him: I think your account has expired.

Me: How could it have expired after 8 years without me knowing about it?

Him: I don’t know; you’ll have to speak to your account manager.

Me: Okay, put me through to him or her.

Him: No sir, you misunderstand. The account manager at your business.

Me: That’s me.

Him: Well, you need to speak with yourself to determine what to do next.

Now I was half way between very annoyed and very amused and the rest of the office had started to listen in to the conversation with this bozo.

Me: Oh, okay, hang on a minute…

I left the line quite for a few seconds and then…

Me: Okay, I’ve had a word with myself and I told myself that I had to get on the ‘phone to you and for you to sort it out.

Him: Very good, Mr Lambert. I can put your straight through to Customer Services.

By this time I was laughing so hard the back of my head hurt so I couldn’t even get angry when I was cut off instead of being transferred to another department.

Besides, I went on to the easyJet website, ordered my car online and it was a tenner cheaper in any case.

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