Are you in a hurry?

Well, quite obviously the answer is ‘yes’.

It’s always ‘yes’.  Hurry seems to be one of the central features of my life.  I actually long to be bored, just for an hour.  You know, to lie on the sofa on a Sunday afternoon and watch Time Team, just because there’s nothing else on and not feel guilty.

Anyway – back to the title of this blog.

It seems quite a few people don’t understand the nature of business travel… my dad for example.

If I’m driving home from a course, let’s say Bedford to Edinburgh; that’s about a five hour drive.  I jump in the car turn onto the M1, join the A1 and that takes me all the way to my front door, apart from 15 minutes driving through Edinburgh.

My dad quite regularly says to me, ‘What, will you stop off for a nice meal on the way home, son?’

To which my answer is always the same: ‘No, Dad, I’ll be stopping in a service station, hoping it has a loo, grabbing a Ginsters Chicken and Mushroom pasty and a Costa Express coffee before jumping back in the car within 6 minutes…’  You, see, I even have it timed.

The only reason he asked the question was that he’s never travelled for business, only for pleasure and it was the same yesterday when I flew into Edinburgh from Luton on easyJet.  The orange one now allocates seating (whereas before it was a free for all) and I was allocated a window seat, jammed in by what can only be described as a couple of more senior years.

No problem with that, but when we landed and the seatbelt sign went off there was no movement from next to me.

Everyone else was jumping up ready for the dash to the terminal, but not me…

So, I stood up in the hope that this would start something.  And it did.  The older lady turned to me and said: ‘Are you in a hurry to get off?  We usually wait until everyone else is past.’

What?  You are kidding me.  ‘I’ve been away all week so, yes, I am in a hurry.’

She looked at me in total bemusement as though she couldn’t understand why anyone would do that.

And I have to say, when I thought about it, neither could I.  Anyway; hols for the next 2 weeks so travel for pleasure for me.  When I come back I fully intend to not be in such a hurry.

Like that’s going to happen!

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