Waiting…always waiting

I picked up a new car yesterday… a wonderful experience it usually is, but not on this occasion.

You know when you get a new car and there’s always a certain trepidation that you’ve got the one car in 10,000 that’s cursed.  Things go wrong soon after you get it, the tyre goes flat, there’s a strange rattling noise for somewhere.

I have to say that you would only normally get these feelings after the car has been picked up… I got them 2 weeks before.  You see, it started with the finance.  I asked for HP and the finance company turned up with loan agreement forms for a personal loan so they had to go back.

Then it took ages to sort the insurance… just little niggles but it got me to worrying.

And then the day to collect the car came.  I was driven to the dealership about 30 miles away by the car broker I’d used – and a very good service they provided, too.  The paperwork was completed in just five minutes and then I was taken to the car.

There was some wonderful theatrics.  I was taken through a door into a room with leather chairs paintings on the walls.  And there was my car, picked out in spotlights, gleaming clean and looking very sleek and low.

And then I had a demo, everything was great until I asked ‘And how do I connect my ‘phone via Bluetooth?’

Oh dear, I actually saw the colour drain out of the guy’s face.  You see, when I was specifying what I needed the one thing I was very clear about was the fact I needed my ‘phone to connect to the car and to be able to play my i-pod, too.

There was a bit of headshaking and scratching between dealer and broker who, pretty quickly it has to be said, agreed to fit Bluetooth free of charge.

But the problem is I would have to come back the next day and wait for it to be fitted.  4 hours I’ve been here so far.  Oh, it’s comfortable enough – the coffee is so strong I feel pretty wired but I’m not very good at waiting.  Which is strange really because in a previous blog I have written about my desire to be bored, just for a couple of hours.

It seems that I’ve lost the ability to be bored and to cope with waiting.  Anyone got any ideas?

P.S. When I drove the new car away from the dealership it started pulling left so I’m back again tomorrow!

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