Debits and Credits

Hello all – Richard here, writing on behalf of Renee.

My early morning easyJet flight from Edinburgh to Stansted was ahead of schedule earlier today.

Damn and blast.

I know what you’re thinking… there’s no pleasing some people.  And you’d be right.

But what you don’t know is why I’m thinking ‘damn and blast’.

There is a very particular reason.  I’m on another early morning easyJet flight on Sunday morning and I want that one to be ahead of schedule more than this one.  That’s because today I’ve got plenty of time and I don’t really mind if there’s a tiny delay.  On Sunday I’m off to see the family and every second will be precious.

So, with today’s flight being ahead of schedule I feel I’ve used up some of my ‘easyJet credit’.  I mean, what’s the chance of two flights in a row arriving before they are supposed to?

Now you’re thinking that I really should get out more; but let me explain where this way of thinking comes from.

A friend once said to me that relationships are a bit like bank accounts.  You can’t keep withdrawing forever otherwise you’ll eventually go overdrawn and ultimately your friend will  get naffed off and close your account.

You have to top up the relationship and ideally keep a healthy balance because you never know when you might need to make a withdrawal.  I tried this out and took an afternoon. To call a load of mates whom I hadn’t spoken to for a while.

And, do you know, it worked.  Firstly we were all please to talk to one another and I started getting a few invites out for beers again.  Then a mate called me to ask for some advice.  I was able to help and he bought me a bottle of something.  Debits and credits.

You can extend this into the workplace, too.

We put a workplace pension in place the other week for the team and have contributed enough so there’s no need for them to top up with anything unless they want to.

And do you know how many of the little darlings said ‘thanks very much… really appreciate that’?

Nope, you’re quite wrong.

None of them.

I’m going to think twice about employee benefits now ‘cos it seems as though they’re not appreciated so obviously don’t work as a motivator.

Hmmm… I might still do the staff Go-Karting event, though because I think I might win.

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