Mr. Angry to replace Andrew Marr on BBC Show

There is nothing the Sunday lunchtime crowd at the Moaning Cow public house like more than media news. However, they were shocked and excited by the statement made to them by their hero.

“I, Mr. Robin Day, Paxman, Humphrys Angry, wish to announce that the BBC has appointed me to take over from Andrew Marr on Sunday morning TV. Mr. Marr will be back but I am the dynamic stand-in.”

“I thought that was Eddie Mair?” shouted the man by the fruit machine.

“No. My great friend Eddie is joining the London Mayor Boris Johnson as his PR consultant. He’s going to help him answer questions like “You’re a nasty piece of work, aren’t you?””

“So what questions will you ask Mr. Angry?” asked the lady holding Mrs. Angry’s ball of wool.”

“I, Mr. Integrity, Honest….”

“Yea, we’ve heard all that. Answer the question Parkinson” shouted a man in the third row.”

Mr. Angry paused while he checked that his pint of Australian lager would be coming together with his whisky chaser.”

“I’ll ask the Labour leader Vince Cable: “Why are you useless?”

“I never realised you had such depth in you Mr. Angry” cried a supporter.

“And I’ll interrogate the Conservative Deputy leader Mrs. Clegg about her husband’s new job as head of Europe.”

“But what about asking about us Mr. Angry. What is the PM doing about the lack of economic growth?”

“Well Nigel Farage is busy at the moment opening his ‘Romanians are welcome’ centres.”

“Mr. Angry” shouted Rita the Bar Maid “The BBC is on the phone. You’ve not paid your licence fees for the last twelve years and….Mr. Angry?”

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