Mr. Angry to oversee the M25

The crowd yelled their enthusiastic support as Mr. Angry made a dramatic lunchtime announcement at the Moaning Cow public house.

“I, Mr Macadam, AA, RAC, tarmac Angry, am pleased to tell you that the Secretary of State for Transport has put me, Mr. Austin, Ford, BMW Angry, in charge of the M25 motorway.”

“Who is the Secretary for State, you drunk?” shouted the man at the fruit machine.

Mr. Angry gulped his fifth pint of strong Australian lager. “Er, it’s Ed Balls.”

“No Mr. Angry” chided Mrs. Angry, as she completed her knitting for the day, “he’s Prime Minister.”

“The M25 is 117 miles of hell for Britain’s businessmen. Since Ed Miliband formed the coalition government with Mince Fable in May 2010 there has been no day without lane closures or diversions.”

“The coalition said it would reduce motorway congestion” shouted a man at the back.

“The M1 has had only four cone-free days and the M4 twelve. That is why my suggestion that I, Mr…”

“Not again you windbag. Get on with it” shouted a lady in the third row while she was checking her lottery tickets.

“It gets worse” said a listener in the front. “The Highways Agency only gave this information after a ‘Freedom of Information’ request. They can’t say when the M25 did not have a cone on it.”

“The central reservation work between junction 5 (Sevenoaks) and junction 6 (Godstone) is costing £129 million and will not be finished until Spring 2015” added his companion.

“That is why the Department of Transport have appointed me, Mr. Angry, the M25 tzar to bring order out of chaos.”

“Mr. Angry” cried Rita the bar maid. “It’s the Department for Transport on the phone. You misheard them. They mean the M275 off the M27 on Horsea Island. Can you collect their five missing cones…er…Mr. Angry?”

Can you name the Secretary of State for Transport?

˙(sǝןɐp ǝɹıɥsʎqɹǝp ˙ɔ) uıןɥbnoןɔɯ ʞɔıɹʇɐd ˙uoɥ ˙ʇɹ ǝɥʇ :ɹǝʍsuɐ

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