Mr. Angry supports pornography controls

The Sunday lunchtime crowd at the Moaning Cow public house roared their approval as Mr. Angry set new standards for morality in society.

“I, Mr Mary Whitehouse, Archbishop Tutu, Mother Teresa Angry, commit myself to the proposals made by the Prime Minister Ed McCluskey. We must stamp out pornography and protect our children.”

“Eh Mr. Angry. Have you seen channel 903 on Sky. Great women?” shouted the man at the fruit machine.

“It’s actually channel 911…er…this must be stopped. The PM has said that he is starting with the Internet. He said this week “we must have a zero tolerance attitude to child sex abuse imagery..we will remove it.”

“How come you were selling old copies of ‘Playboy’ at the car boot sale?” asked the lady sitting by Mrs. Angry and holding her ball of wool.

Mr. Angry drank his seventh pint of Australian lager and called for another whiskey chaser.

“What I admire about our fearless PM is the way he will stop the promotion of pornographic material.”

“You’ll still be able to watch it in the hotels Mr. Angry. I think Intercontinental Hotels are the best” yelled the man in the third row.

“The wonderful PM will deal with that issue. Hilton Hotels are my preference by the way. They show foreign films…”

“Mr. Angry” cried Mrs. Angry. “Tell them about your phone call with the PM.”

“Yes Mrs. Angry. Good point. I telephoned the PM and he’s asked me to help in his fight against evil material. He’s appointed me his special adviser.”

“Mr. Angry” cried Rita the bar maid. “Downing Street are on the phone. They meant you should destroy the UKIP manifesto…er Mr. Angry.”

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