Mr. Angry says his brand is worth £10m

The Sunday crowd at the Moaning Cow public house were amazed at the self-confidence being shown by their hero.

“I, Mr. Coca-Cola, Disney, McDonald’s, Mercedes Angry.”

“Get on with it you drunk” shouted the man at the fruit machine.

Mr. Angry raised his bottle of lager and pointed to the name on the label: ‘Fosters’.

“Name is everything” he continued and I, Mr. Angry, have been told that I’m first on the list for brand recognition.”

“How nice” said Mrs. Angry as she continued knitting herself a pair of socks for the winter.

“My name, Mr. Angry, has made me famous.”

“Who says?” shouted a man in the third row.

“’The Lady’ magazine. They’ve published a list of the top ten most trusted brands in Britain.”

“YOU trusted!” exclaimed a lady at the front. “What about my holiday club money which you’ve got?”

“I’ll read the full list to you” continued Mr. Angry rather angrily. “1. John Lewis 2.  QVC 3.  First Direct  4.Amazon  5. Virgin Atlantic  6. M&S Food 7. Lush  8.  Ocado   9. M&S Non-food  10. Waitrose.”

“Where are you Mr. Angry. Number 2,000?” laughed a man at the back.

“I’ve spoken to the Editor of the magazine and he’s going to publish a correction. I’m number one, he says.”

“Mr. Angry” cried Rita the bar maid. “The editor of ‘The Lady’ has been on the phone. “You’re to be number one in the most dandy men in the UK..Mr. Angry?”

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