Mr. Angry is no longer angry

The Sunday lunchtime crowd at the Moaning Cow public house was much smaller than usual. This was because most of them had collected their benefits and flown off to Greece for two weeks holiday.

Mr. Angry was in a pensive mood.

“I, Paxman, Robin Day, John Humphrys Angry, simply have no-one to interrogate.”

He stopped to drink his seventh pint of lager.

“What about Ed Miliband, you drunk” shouted the man at the fruit machine.

Mr. Angry wiped his eyes.

“Ed is yesterday’s man. He cannot win the election.”

“Vote Lib-Dem” yelled the lady with Mrs. Angry.

“Mince Fable will be the leader and he couldn’t win a goldfish at a fair.”

“Vote UKIP Mr. Angry” shouted the man in the third row.

“Barry Mirage has disappeared up his own publicity”.

The room went quiet.

“That only leaves the Conservative party and their leader Samantha Cameron” concluded Mr. Angry.

“Mr. Angry” shouted Rita the bar maid.”There’s nobody on the phone for you.”

Enjoy your holidays!

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