Mr. Angry is in a Pickles

Never had the Sunday lunchtime audience at the Moaning Cow Public House seen Mr. Angry in such a towering rage.

“Friends” he cried having drunk only the third of his daily quota of seven pints of lager. “I, Mr. National Trust, Community Angry, condemn the Communities Secretary Eric Pickles. He has let the community down. He has damaged the British economy. The reform of our planning laws was long overdue. Now he’s funked it.”

“It was Cameron who caved in Mr. Angry” cried the man at the fruit machine.

“It’s nothing to do with the UKIP leader Nigel Cameron” retorted the orator. He finished his fourth pint and called for a whisky chaser.

“Does it matter if the owner of a house can add an extension of eight metres without planning permission?”

“That’s only for a detached property Mr. Angry” said a man in the third row. “It six metres for a semi-detached residence.”

“It you had voted Conservative last time we’d have more detached houses in our area” replied the political giant. “Ed Balls would have made a great Chancellor of the Exchequer.”

“But what about my human rights Mr. Angry?” asked a lady who was holding Mrs. Angry’s knitting pattern. “I don’t want extensions built next door to me.”

“What about my human rights?” he shouted. If I want to improve my home why should my neighbour object. It’s my home.”

“But we must live together as a community Mr. Angry” said Mrs. Angry. “We must respect each other.”

“Respect is my middle name Mrs. Angry. “That is why I Mr. Galloway Angry care about people.”

“Mr. Angry” cried Rita the bar maid. “The local council are on the phone. Call you please take down the three bedroom extension social security have built on your house.”

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