Mr Angry…er…Mrs Angry…er…Miss Angry?

The Sunday crowd at the Moaning Cow public house was dazzled by Mr Angry’s…er…Mrs Angry’s appearance. He/she was dressed in a beautiful pink outfit and tiger heels. However his/her words were spoken with a certain tension.

“I Mr…er… Mrs  Anita, Raymond, Florence, Bill, Matilda..”

“Get on with it you drunk” shouted the man at the fruit machine.

Mr/Mrs Angry stopped. He/she was seething at the news released by the Office for National Statistics that, for the first time in five years, the gender pay gap had widened. For full time workers it has jumped from 9.5% to 10.0%. For all employees including part-timers it has increased from 19.6% to 19.7%. Men’s median gross hourly earnings grew by 2.5% to £13.60p in April (up from £13.27 in April 2012) and women’s hourly rate was £12.24 an increase of 1.9% over the twelve months period. With inflation at 2.7% both men and women are experiencing lower pay.

“I feel cheated” cried the distressed orator. “I believed the Prime Minister George Osborne when he said that he was dedicated to closing the gender gap. Why would I spend thousands of pounds having a sex change?”

“You had that on the National Health” cried a lady in the third row.

“The pain and trauma I suffered” continued Mr/Mrs Angry “and now I must go through the whole thing again. I will lose my benefits payment to attend my knitting classes.”

To make matters worse the chairman of the Office for Budget Responsibility told Mr/Mrs Angry in a personal phone call that he did not expect real household disposable incomes to rise in real terms until 2016.

“I have written to the opposition leader Michael Gove and told him I will now vote for the Green Party. I believe that we should build more railways.”

“What’s that to do with the Green Party?” shouted a man at the back.

“It means more people can see the fields through which they are built.”

“Mr/Mrs Angry” cried Rita the bar maid. “Your hospital consultant is on the phone. Your operation is cancelled. Apparently there are no nurses within a 100 miles radius who are prepared to go into the operating theatre with you…er…Mr/ Mrs Angry?”

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