It’s Mx Angry. Got it?!

The Sunday lunchtime audience in the Moaning Cow public house was aghast when their respected leader announced that in future he was to be addressed as Mixter (‘Mx’) Angry.

After downing his third pint of strong Australian lager he asked for a Babysham with a cherry.

“I, Mx Abraham Lincoln, Martin Luther King Angry, am a person who is visionary. There are great movements in our society. I am ahead of my time. I recognise that it’s absolutely wrong that an individual should have to declare their sexuality.”

“What are you then. A poofter or a nancy?” shouted the man at the gaming machine.

“Words cannot hurt me. My courage is my shield. Why should an individual have to tell the world about their gender.”

“Which toilet will you go into Mx Angry?” asked the lady playing cards with Mrs. Angry.

“There is too much invasion of a person’s privacy. I am exercising my right to protect my personal details.”

“Can you chat up another person if they are not using the title ‘Mx’. Who will know who is what?” asked a man in the third row.

“You are mocking me…”

“How will the doctor know what tests to apply?” shouted a woman at the back.

“Simple. A sex test”. This remark brought a round of applause.

“Mx Angry” cried Rita the bar maid. “The Council are on the phone. Your application to become a prison visitor has been rejected because they don’t know which one to send you to.”


NOTE: Brighton Council have agreed to use the honorife Mx (pronounced ‘Mixter’) to cater for those residents who regard themselves as neither male or female. It follows its adoption by the transgender community. The Council’s ‘transequality scrutiny panel’ estimates there are 150 constituents who fall into this category. The title Mx will apply on all Council paperwork (including election forms). It may be left blank. It can be used in doctor surgeries.

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