IDS is my new hero!” cries Mr. Angry

As the cold spell slowly drifted away the Sunday drinkers in the Moaning Cow public house were thrilled by the words of their hero.

“I, Mr. Cameron, Mussolini, Genghis Khan Angry, tell you all, Iain Duncan Smith is the greatest politician in recent history” he yelled.

“Wasn’t he disposed in 2005 as the Conservative leader for being the quiet man?” asked the player of the fruit machine.

“He had an off day. IDS, as I personally call him, has pointed out that the welfare bill is killing this country. 878,000 people have dropped their claims for incapacity benefit since he introduced proper medical examinations.”

“Perhaps they are better” suggested Mrs. Angry.

“He’s also right on immigration” continued the fearless speaker. “6.6% of newcomers claim working-age benefits. It’s a scandal.”

“What about all the ex-pats in Spain and Portugal who claim on those countries Mr. Angry?” asked a man in the third row.

“And it was my closest friend IDS who fed the PM the story about all those foreigners who come here to use the NHS. It’s costing £200 million a year.”

“Mr. Angry. The NHS budget in the coming year is £118 billion and what about all those people we are sending to India for hip replacement surgery.”

“It’s about the work ethic and I, Mr. Wilberforce, Lincoln…”

“Yeah. We’ve heard all that. What about the welfare bill” shouted a man at the back.

“It’s a matter for social responsibility. That is why IDS is my…”

“Mr. Angry” cried Rita the bar maid. “The social services are on the phone. They can’t read your writing. Are you claiming for eight or nine children and could you collect your golf clubs which you left in the ambulance when you went for your back scan.”

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