Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom

The above quote from Aristotle can be found repeated on the website of Danielle Henderson NLP Prac C.H Dip. She’s a life coach, behavioural change therapist and TV presenter. Her website advises that:

“My agenda is to show you how to gain personal success using behavioural change techniques in all areas of life.”

Ms. Henderson is clearly a person who likes a challange. She’s just about to get her biggest to-date. Members of Parliament are being offered her services. It should be interesting when Nadine Dorries arrives as to whether she’ll manage to say much more that “here’s the bill.”

I accept that MPs are rather stressed. They must worry about how to plan their time for the six months of the year when they’re not working…sorry, sitting. How to structure their offshore trusts to avoid paying tax on their property investments, how to spend the £65,000 tax free pay-off they receive if they are not re-elected and how to plan enjoying their extraordinarily generous pensions.

Between the middle of July and the third week of September this year MPs will sit for just 12 days. That will leave plenty of time for them to visit Ms. Henderson in Harley Street. Anybody willing to bet against them claiming the costs on their expenses?






The final details of the SEED/EIS facility which allow qualifying companies to raise up to £150,000 from private investors have been published in the Finance Bill. They are expected to become law in July when the act will be passed by Parliament. Investors are able to claim up to 50% income tax and up to 28% capital gains tax relief. All gains and dividends are tax free providing the shares are held for at least three years. The maximum investment from an individual is £100,000. A business may only use the scheme once but may be eligible to attract EIS reliefs if it wishes to attract further investors.

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