Winning isn’t everything to sales people… it’s the only thing

I know a few clichés about sales and winning:

  • Second place = first of the losers
  • If winning isn’t everything, why do they keep score?
  • The person who said ‘winning isn’t everything’ never won a thing

And so on.


Now, of course, these are stark, black and white statements and (most of the time) we humans are able to temper winning with at least a touch of humility and we temper losing by being either determined or philosophical.


My wife is a franchisee and I was at a conference and award ceremony on Saturday.  For once at these things, I had no official capacity at all.  I was the equivalent of a WAG.  I guess that made me a HAB.


The conference, as always, was brilliantly organised and executed, as was the dinner and awards ceremony.


What made it even better was that my wife won an award: The Most Successful Start Up.  It’s an award for the franchisee who has been in the network for more than 1 year, but less than 2.  In essence; the franchisee who has gone from zero to hero, quickest.


And my trouble and strife won it!


I have to say that she’s an excellent marketer and sales person… brilliant, in fact.  And, I guess, part of that brilliance is being driven.  Strangely, although she’s logical enough to understand about business growth, P & L, balance sheet and all that stuff; it was winning the award that really motivated her to push as hard as she could.


And the other finalists in the same category, when I looked at them, were all pretty much of the same type of person.


In fact, one of them (a really nice, friendly bloke and all round good guy) came to congratulate Renee… and through only very slightly clenched teeth!


Afterwards he said to me that he was very pleased that he was one of the finalists and received an award… but he would really have loved to win.  ‘Ah, well,’ he said, ‘I’ll just have to set my sights on the Fastest Growth award next year.’


To me, that attitude is one of the cornerstones of being a really good sales person.  Having really clear goals and setting out to beat them… or, in other words, to win.  The other cornerstones are having the right skills and knowledge and the ability to read and work with people.


A note to finish, about my wife.


She is brilliant, fantastic, superb, wonderful and a winner.


‘Phew,’ she said after she’d collected her award, ‘The pressure’s off and I can relax a bit.’


I don’t believe a word of it.

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