Will you take part in a short survey..?

‘… In short, no.  Now clear off.’


What started as a mere annoyance is now so flipping annoying that I’m having trouble staying polite.


Now, the reason for my blog is to find out whether it’s just me or does anyone else out there in EB suffer from these calls?


I suppose I’d better calm down and explain what on Earth I’m running on about.


I guess at least three times a day I get a call (the number is always blocked but I have to answer it anyway because some of our customers’ numbers are also blocked), I answer, there’s a pause of about a second or so and then someone asks to speak to ‘Mr Mackay’.


Well, that’s wrong for a start… but I let it go because it’s an easy mistake to make.  I sometimes think I’m Mr Mackay.


Then comes the inevitable spiel, nearly always in a voice that has a strong Asian accent:


‘Hello, my name is Michael…’


(It’s always a western type name, which annoys me no end… it’s as if they’re saying ‘you’re too thick to cope with a name that’s not European in origin.)


‘I’m just calling today…’


I know how hard it is to do the job these guys are doing so I always try to give the caller a chance.  But I now get so many of these calls I’ve started to interrupt:


‘Don’t tell me… you want me to take part in a short survey?’


‘Er… yes, Mr Mackay.  But don’t worry I’m not going to try and sell you anything.’


The response is either that or they hang up on me because I’ve forced them off script.


‘Right, so it’s a survey… let me guess.  Is it about a loan I might have had in the past and whether I took Payment Protection Insurance?  No?  In that case I’ll bet it’s about what I would spend the money on if I was awarded a £1,000 home improvement voucher; my bathroom or my kitchen?


‘Ah… it’s that one.  Not interested.  Goodbye.’


And I hate myself for being so short with them.


Is it just me getting so many of these calls?  If it’s not and you get them, too, I’d really love to hear how you managed to stop them, ‘cos I can’t go ex-directory; the calls come through on my business line.


Anyway… now to shoe horn the issue into franchising.


These callers ain’t ‘alf good at following a process.


There you go.

4 comments for “Will you take part in a short survey..?

  1. 9 May, 2012 at 10:26

    I find that these are often local calls. The reason they start off with a stupid question is as follows. If you join the call preference scheme, companies are not allowed to cold call you… except if they are carrying out market research. And it seems that any old question can constitute market research, which renders the call preference scheme somewhat pointless.

  2. Clive Barker
    9 May, 2012 at 09:03

    You’re not trying to do a survey – are you?

    • EntBrit
      9 May, 2012 at 09:13

      No Clive, we are not doing a survey. This is simply the title of the blog. I looked at it and wondered whether people might think it was a survey, but decided to leave it. At least it generates comments for which I am very grateful.
      Thanks for reading Enterprise Britain and I hope you enjoy it


  3. A Weaser
    9 May, 2012 at 08:28

    The problem is caused by typical government incompetence in regulating, once again. You can register to be excluded from “nuisance calls” from the UK but the cost for companies to access that list was over £5k last time I looked. Therefore, as that is too expensive for SME’s, offshore alternatives that do not comply with the Offcom codes, fill the vacuum.

    Therefore, introduce costly regulation and the problem worsens (and we have a few more index linked pensions to support).

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