(Un)controlled Chaos

Luton Airport…

…and I’ve finally had the opportunity to sit down for just a few minutes after what seems like a day of chaos.

Actually, it’s only 1pm so I guess it’s only half a day.

But, as usual, I’m starting the story in the middle. I’ve been doing some work in Bedford but took the opportunity of catching up with an old friend who lives in St Albans, maybe 30 miles away.

My first appointment in Bedford was at 8am so I had to leave at about 7.20. I turned onto the M1 straight into a set of pretty major road works. The 50 miles per hour zone stretched beyond the turning for Bedford so goodness knows how far it goes… answers on a postcard.

I had a series of 1 hour meetings booked, all on the same site, but arranged by different people which meant I was running from room to room… no great problem with that, but it added a layer of pressure.

Then my final couple of meetings were cancelled so I could get on the road back to Luton Airport. I had to fill my hire car up with fuel which, you would think would be a simple enough task. Not a bit of it.

Some goon in the government (actually it was Frances Maude) suggested everyone should fill up jerry cans with fuel and fill your car up when it reaches half empty (or half full, depending on how naffed off you are at the time). This simply had the effect of creating chaos when there isn’t yet a crisis. Thanks a million.

So 45 minutes later I, filled with fuel, got back to the airport and transferred to an earlier flight, admittedly going to Glasgow rather than Edinburgh, but that’s a tiny detail.

Then came the security checks. Now, I have to say Edinburgh Airport is pretty slick and they tend to whizz you through PDQ. Luton was a different kettle of fish. The place was busy but not mobbed, but still the queues just weren’t moving.

There was much shouting, gesticulating and general annoyance (this was the staff, not the passengers) all of which had no discernible effect on the speed of processing as members of staff prodded, pushed and cajoled each other and generally ignored everyone else.

Ah, well. I’m here now, on my earlier flight and reflecting on the experience. I’m sure there’s a lesson in there for me… Something about control, planning, organising or generally being better.

Perhaps I need to go on a training course?

Know anyone good?

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