There is no such thing as cheap or expensive

Given that I bang on about this concept so much on our sales courses, why oh why did I buy those walking boots?

Ah, but I’m starting the story in the middle.

I walk a lot… mostly because our woofer needs it and from home to the office and back plus his lunch time walk up Corstorphine Hill in Edinburgh, adds up to about 10 miles a day.

As a consequence I get through trainers at a rate of knots.  Now, I used to be a bit of a runner so I always bought pretty decent trainers so I could walk and run.  The problem is that I’m a bit old to wear white running shoes with my jeans… I looked a bit of a muppet, if truth be told.

Don’t believe me?  Have a look at this picture on my wife’s Facebook Page and you’ll see my point:!/photo.php?fbid=150542968341986&set=a.126619634067653.21259.100001588509304&type=3&theater

There was even a comment attached from someone called Colin Michael (who I don’t know), which said: The dog is saying,…Mm…he came out in those shoes 😉

Those trainers are now consigned to the bin and I decided to replace with trainers exclusively for running and a pair of walking boots.  I bought the trainers from the place I always go, even though they charge like a wounded bull and they’ve been great.

The walking boots I got from a sports discount store and cost me £20.

What a bargain.  They were really cheap and that’s good.

Hmmm… the first walk I did in them proved otherwise.  Not only did they rub a hole in my heel the size of a medium sized crater, they bent in the wrong place and managed to dent my foot somehow.  It’s been agony for three weeks and is only now back to normal.

I’ve had to buy a new pair of boots and this time I spent £70 (in the sales, reduced from £140!)  My new boots are a delight… no blisters, no pain.  In fact, it’s a bit like walking on air.

So, you see, they were more expensive than my cheap boots.

But they were much better value for money… i.e. they don’t cripple me every time I wear them.

When someone says to you ‘Oh, you’re very expensive’, what they’re actually saying is ‘you haven’t explained to me why your goods or services are good value for money.’

Of course, if they can’t afford your prices, that’s a different issue and you have to decide whether you want to alter your fees to make it affordable… or not.

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