The cost of travelling

I need help, although you probably knew that anyway.
This time I need some specific help to do with travelling… and even more specifically help with keeping travelling costs low.
I’m in a particularly busy period right now and that means I’m shooting about all over the place… just to illustrate the point here are my movements last week, this week and next:
Sunday – Edinburgh to Lowestoft and then Lowestoft to London (driving, dropping off hire car and then train)
Friday – London, via City Airport to Edinburgh
Sunday – Edinburgh to Lowestoft and then on to Kidderminster (driving)
Tuesday – Kidderminster to Norwich (driving)
Wednesday – Norwich to London and then to Dublin (train and then Aer Lingus from Gatwick)
Thursday – Dublin to Portlaoise by train, return then flight to Edinburgh
Sunday – Edinburgh to Lowestoft (driving)
Monday – Lowestoft to Stansted to drop off car and then flight to Dublin
Friday – Dublin to Edinburgh, on Aer Lingus
Phew! I got tired just writing it.
My issue is not the travelling itself per se, that’s just part of the job… it’s the cost and the rising cost at that. Of course, most of it is passed on to clients but I wouldn’t be doing my best for them if I didn’t think about how I could reduce fees.
And it’s not just the travel arrangements, I have to eat and drink sometimes, too. A danish, coffee and a fruit juice cost me £8, yes £8 in the airport the other day. And that wasn’t at a fancy bar, it was from a snack joint and eaten standing up… which probably ain’t doing much for my digestive system.
So here’s where I need help. I understand about flights and booking them as soon as possible, travelling off peak, price of fuel and all that, but I could really do with some hints and tips on keeping those fees down. For example, I’ve found a website called which is excellent for cutting down on the cost of rail travel.
How do I eat and drink and keep costs low, especially when you can’t take much by way of liquids through airport security? Is there an alternative to hire cars? How do I keep the convenience aspect of simply buying food at the station or airport?
Or should I stop worrying and just spend the money? After all I’d have to eat at home, too. Answers on a post card or, even better, as a comment on this blog.

3 comments for “The cost of travelling

  1. Peter Bottomley
    6 July, 2012 at 08:32

    My wife says she will send me off with a plastic bag of carrot sticks.

  2. Renee
    4 July, 2012 at 21:56

    Mark. What Richard really needs is the 48 hour day.

  3. 3 July, 2012 at 16:08

    Richard, glad you are eating so healthily. Danish, coffe and fruit juice – just to have something good. Can you ask clients to collect you from airports etc? It saves them money, does it not? Stop for 5 minutes en route to clients/airports etc and buy healthy foods from supermarkets etc. Better choice, can be much healthier and much cheaper. (Oh, you do not have time! Why? Because you never left early enough.) I think it comes down to your time management does it not? You will always need to buy food, it is just when, where and how much you wish to pay that you need to decide upon.

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