One of the funniest emails I’ve received…

I received this email a couple of weeks ago and thought I could do nothing better than re-produce it word for word, other than to change the names to protect the guilty… enjoy:

Hi Richard

Whilst I would prefer to remain anonymous, I have a cautionary tale for those grappling their way painfully around the edges “Social Media”

I’ve been trying to take on-board the social media thing for a while now and, whilst I’ve had a Facebook account for a long time, I only ever used it to live vicariously through my family’s experiences and nothing else. 

About a year ago I created an account for my [Business Name] persona and gathered about me some “friends” so that I could peep into the lives clients too like a flasher-mac weirdo.

At dinner with the family a few months ago we were chatting about inane crap, as you do, and I was encouraged to dip my toe further into the virtual world by creating a Facebook account for our cat, Buzz who is an indoor cat and does nothing.  But, the children thought it would be fun to have a “Diary of an Indoor House Cat”, particularly the boys’ WAGs.  And I duly set to it the next evening.

I created a Facebook account for BuzzCat, invited all the family to be “Friends” and put a few postings up.

A week later Peter, the youngest, came in and said “You know you are posting Buzz’s messages on your [Business Name] Facebook account as if it’s you saying those things, don’t you?” and my heart stopped!   My postings said something along the lines of:

“I had a bit of a tummy ache tonight and I was yowling for an hour. Jonathan tried cuddling me but nothing helped. Nobody knew what was wrong with me and I didn’t know how to tell them.  ‘I know,’ I thought ‘I’ll shit in that lovely pile of clean washing at the end of our bed, that’ll make me feel better’ and do you know, it did!”

“I often find that if I lick Jonathan’s face in the night he stops snoring and I can get some bloody sleep!”

“I spent hours manically grooming today, I’ll really must have a rest now.”

“Hardcore Parkour in the bedroom tonight.  I need a day off tomorrow”

The message – don’t warble before you can tweet.

Anyway, I do hope you are well.  I’ll probably see you at the conference next spring. 

Take care



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