My i-Cloud Account

I’m not exactly a technophobe – I can work our DVD player and everything.

But I wouldn’t say I’m a geek either.  I’m more than happy to use technology but I don’t necessarily have to have the very latest of gadgets and I can’t build back-end systems…

Having said that, though, I think I’m a pretty decent communicator and I use technology to help me to do that.  Regular readers may well have seen a recent blog about my new i-Pad, which is now fully integrated into my everyday life.

My daughter is fourteen years old, which is terrifying in its own right for a whole range of reasons.

Mostly, though, it’s terrifying because, conceivably, she could well be running her own business in the lifetime of any new, standard five year franchise agreement signed now, making her a potential customer for new franchisees.

Why is that terrifying?

Well, I’m away a fair bit and I had some photographs from a recent trip I wanted to share.  I called my daughter and asked for her latest email address so I could send them to her.

‘Oh, Dad,’ says she, ‘you’re so old fashioned!’


‘You’re so old fashioned.’

‘Yes, I got that bit.  Why am I old fashioned, though?’

‘Well, having an email address is old fashioned.’


‘Look,’ she explained, ‘all you have to do is upload the pictures to your i-Cloud account, give me access and direct message me to tell me where they are and I’ll bring them down and have a look.’

‘Errrr… run that by me again.’

‘Why don’t you just print them out and we’ll look at them at the weekend?’

Good idea, I thought.

What I did, though, was open myself an i-Cloud account, got myself an i-Cloud address and uploaded the damn pictures to the Cloud!  Then I direct messaged my daughter (complaining about the bad English) so she could look at the pics.

At the same time, I linked my i-Phone, i-Pad and i-Tunes together.  Finally, for good measure, I downloaded an album (The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders From Mars, 1972) to my ‘phone.  By the time I got back to my hotel room, it was already on my i-Pad and I assume it’s on my PC in the office, too.

I am so techno it’s unbelievable… to me at any rate.

The thing is, though, so many new franchisees when I ask them if they’re into Social Media say that they’re definitely not and don’t want anything to do with it.

But they have to be – they’ve got to sell to my daughter and the only way to get to her is through Social Media… everything else is so, well, old fashioned.

She still hasn’t looked at those bloody photos, though.

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