Moving rooms

I’m away at the moment (again) and a jolly entertaining week it’s been, too.

In a recent blog I wrote about my desire not to stay in Eurobox hotels and I’ve stuck to my guns.

This week I’m staying in the George Hotel in Shipston-on-Stour.  It’s… er… well, it’s traditional.  It’s an old coaching in and it has to be said the floors aren’t really very level and the rooms struggle a little with heating.  In other words they are either sweat box hot or refrigerator cold.  (I went for hot).

I arrived on Sunday night to be told that there’d been a cock up with my room and that I had been upgraded to Chili.  Apparently, Chili is one of the large rooms.  However, there was a downside in that I had to move to Popcorn on Tuesday and Popcorn was rather more bijou in scale.

Never mind… it’s certainly not a Eurobox and, at least when they moved my stuff they told me first.  Unlike when I was staying at the Hilton at Cobham, when they moved me, but didn’t actually tell me.  It was quite a shock to the lady and gentleman who were, um, having an afternoon lie down when I tried to get into my erstwhile room.

But that’s not the most entertaining thing about this hotel.

No, it’s the conversation that I overheard between three people a little earlier.  It wasn’t really a conversation, rather one guy was holding forth and the couple he was with were interjecting every so often with: ‘no’ and ‘you don’t say’.

This guy had something to say about everything: but the one that I really listened hard to was his opinion about Scottish independence.  ‘The ironic thing is,’ says he, ‘is that the Scottish will vote to stay in the Union.  I mean, why wouldn’t they?  They know when they’re onto a bloody good thing.  I think the English should vote as well and we’d get rid of ‘em.’

Hmmm… I’m not sure and being an Englishman, living in Edinburgh with my Scottish wife, I have more to take into consideration than most.

Now I’m no great supporter of Alex Salmond, but I don’t think independence will be bad or good for either nation, but it’s such an horrendously complicated issue that it’s hard to really get your head around it.  I mean, what would happen to the BBC, would we still get Top Gear and will I need to show my passport at Berwick?

The answer to these questions is: nothing, yes and no, respectively.  In other words, I don’t think that much will change, so it’s probably not worth doing.

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