Leave me alone; I’m trying to sleep

A friend of mine succinctly explained the difference between (in his case) Ryanair and Aer Lingus… but it really works when you compare any major airline and Ryanair.

With every other airline, they leave you alone and with Ryanair they don’t.

Now, it might seem that poor old Ryanair can’t win for trying… after all they’re just being attentive aren’t they?

But, I have to say, I think my friend is right.  I was on the 6.30 (that’s a.m.) flight from Stansted to Dublin this morning.  I had stayed at my parents the night before so that meant I was up at 3 (still in the morning) for the 90 mile drive to the airport, before battling my way to the hire car return centre and then through security.

More tension at the gate because I’d weighed my bag the night before and it turned out to be 9.6kgs… the allowance is 10!  OMG, what if I’d picked up some muck on the walk to the terminal, it was bound to put me over…

Anyway, the point is when I sat down in my seat on the ‘plane (my bag wasn’t even glanced at, by the way) I was tired.

I immediately closed my eyes…

Only to have them opened as we were all counted, very loudly, by the Cabin Manager.  Sleep stole up on me again, but I only got a few seconds before another Flight Attendant came passed demanding to know if I wanted a Hello magazine then, as an after thought, whether today’s copy of the Times might be in order.  No?  How about The Sun?

Eyes closed again… and then snapped open as the next Stewardess came passed, demanding to know if I wanted a copy of the In Flight magazine.

No I bloody well don’t.  I want to sleep.

Sorry, not possible… got to watch the safety demo…

At last, take off and 10 minutes peace before the Trolley Dollys demanded to know whether I wanted coffee and a blueberry muffin for the bargain price of only £5.  Next it was the rubbish clear up, then duty free, then scratch cards, then cigarettes (again £5 each) which aren’t really cigarettes but look taste and feel like them… they even smoke.

And I was woken up every time.

Clearly my wake up calls are part of the training so Ryanair can maximise on the sales they and I can’t really blame them for that.  But actually, from a service point of view, surely they could have just left me alone, like on Aer Lingus?

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