Husband and wife teams

I have to say that every time I meet a husband and wife team, which is usually in franchising, I always think it’s going to work… well, nearly always.

To some people it seems strange to be working with your trouble and strife.  I know that because they quite often tell me so: ‘Cor,’ they say.  ‘I couldn’t work with my missus ‘cos we’d end up killing each other.’

A little harsh maybe, but on reflection it’s probably not for everyone.

On the other hand, it’s the exact opposite with my ball and chain and me.  We’ve worked together just about 24/7 for the last ten years.  And it’s only now that we’re doing slightly different things, albeit in the same businesses, that we find it more difficult.

Perhaps that’s why I think I’m pretty good at spotting those husband and wife teams that I think are going to work.

Take last week, for example.

I was working for a new franchise customer.  It’s a management franchise but in this case the husband was going to go out and do ‘the work’ whilst the wife was going to manage the operation, do the sales and make sure the finances are spot on.

They had talked about the split of work they were going to have to do and had a clear understanding of each other’s roles.

However, More than that, they clearly enjoyed each other’s company; there was a bit of banter between them, but also a very obvious respect, too.  They listened to each other carefully, weren’t afraid of discussing a point, but always ended a ‘discussion’ with a smile.

So, why are husband and wife teams so successful in franchising?

I think it’s all about understanding…

Each partner knows what the other is going through and can relate to it in a way that its impossible to do in other situations even if they work in the same corporate business.  They share the ups and downs and the successes are joint successes.  Just as the failures don’t have to be borne alone.

It doesn’t always work, though.  I seem to remember one couple a few years back.

Her line was:

‘Just as long as he earns what he did before!’

And his line was:

‘She’s tuned to the moon!’

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