How many hours does it take?

My wife, who is a franchisee works a lot of hours.
To make matters worse, I’m pretty busy at the moment, too, which means I’m away and I can’t help by doing things like taking the woofer for a walk.
Consequently a lot of hours are put in to make sure everything is running smoothly; which it is, thanks very much for asking.
As a result of all these hours and me being away my trouble and strife and I have come up with a whole new menu that she has at home… I’m okay because one of the benefits of staying in hotels is that they usually feed you.
So, back to the wife.
She has developed this new range of meals… she’s called them Sad Git Meals for One and I personally think they are a goer and can see M&S stocking them soon.
On Monday night, being pasta night, clearly she had Can-alone-ee. Tuesday night (also being pasta night) it was lonesagne and Wednesday night (fish night) it was Dover Solo. Other products will follow and your suggestions to supplement the range will be gratefully received.
Of course, this state of affairs is only temporary and so she’s more than prepared to put the hours in because she has more than one eye on the asset she is building. I guess because I’m so lucky having a ball and chain who is so dedicated I can’t quite get my head around the conversation I had last week with a franchisee.
It went like this:
Me: How are things?
Him: Terrible
Me: Ah. Why?
Him: I’ve got no business and I’m bored sitting around all the time.
Me: Doing any marketing?
Him: No, I can can’t really afford it and I’m not going to spend all day pushing leaflets through doors.
Me: Did you ever do any marketing?
Him: Yes, when I started out.
Me: And how were things then?
Him: Really good. I was busy. You don’t think there’s a link do you?
Me: Goodbye.
So, this blog started with a question about how many hours it takes. The answer is as many it takes… especially in the early days, when the effort out in directly correlates to the results achieved… 10% inspiration and 99% perspiration and all that.

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  1. 2 July, 2012 at 15:50

    The old ones are the best ones. You only get out what you put in. If it an’t broke, don’t fix it. It was not broke, but he fixed it well and truly and stopped doing the marketing! I love some of these blogs, they make me smile, laugh and ocassionally kick me up the backside to work harder!
    Keep up the good work and please do not let me know when M & S stock your ready meals!

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