Get rich quick

To be entirely honest, I don’t need to work.

I get at least three offers every day telling me I’ve won $45 million on a free lottery or I can have £10 million just for letting someone use my bank account to get funds out of Nigeria or someone wants to partner with me in a €110 million scheme.

Just today I received two more offers by email.  Here’s one of them:

partner with me.!!!.

Hello.I am Dr Raymond Chien Director of Hang Seng Bank Hong Kong, I have a Business proposal for you of 44.5M USD and I want you to be my partner.If you are interested contact me back via my private e-mail addresses:

I will give you further details when I get your reply.

e-mail addresses:

Thank you. Dr Raymond Chien

I’ve removed the email addresses because I don’t want you muscling in on my action.

The strange thing is, every one of these emails I get involves me either sending personal details, opening a strange document or even remitting money to cover ‘administration’ expenses, after which I will received untold wealth and riches.

Of course, the email I’ve reproduced above is one of the less subtle ones I’ve received but some of them are pretty good and if you’re not on your guard it would be quite easy to respond and have your personal details stolen.

I received one a few weeks ago and the only way I could tell it wasn’t quite right was the poor punctuation in the final paragraph.  In every other way it looked as though it had been sent by PayPal.

All joking aside I, much like you I suspect, regard all of these emails with a huge slice of suspicion and delete them immediately… although I do read them for the entertainment value.

The thing is you have to be vigilant if you’re looking for a franchise, too.  There are some out there that offer to make you rich, quick.  Much like the fraudulent emails, they ain’t quite telling the truth.

Personally, I think a franchisor who says: this is how much you can make but it’s going to take you two years to get there and you’re going to be knackered when you arrive is much more credible than a franchisor who says that you’re going to make stack of cash in week one…

And yet I still get calls from potential franchisees who ask me about an advert they’ve seen which promises the Earth.  They always ask me what they should do…

My advice is the same as I give about the emails: Delete.

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