EasyJet and the non-existent flight

Most of the time EasyJet works perfectly.

Their processes for getting people to the gate and then on board are excellent… a bit like herding sheep, but excellent nevertheless.  In turn their flights, for the most part, get off on time.

But every so often (and I’ve blogged about their announcements before) things go tits up.

On this particular occasion it’s to do with their call centre.

Here’s the story.

For a couple of weeks in a row I had to fly ‘doon sooth’ early on a Sunday morning.  The flight from Edinburgh to Stansted was perfect – it left at 7.00am, got in at 8.15 and I made it to where I was going by about 10.00.

I had to do the same trip a few weeks later and I booked the flight as normal using their website.

A couple of days before my trip, I accessed the booking to check in only to find the flight I’d arranged on no longer existed.  I was now booked on a flight at 11.00am… totally useless for what I needed.

So, I rang the call centre and talked with a very nice lady who told me that I couldn’t possibly have booked a 7.00am flight because EasyJet has never flown from Edinburgh to Stansted at that time in the morning on a Sunday

Why did she say that?  It’s obvious to blind Freddy that the potential for getting caught out was huge; almost inevitable, in fact.

She then went on to say that I must have read the website timing incorrectly and was I used to using a PC and the Internet?


I couldn’t let it go so I pointed out that she might like to check my passenger records because I last used the flight at 7.00am from Edinburgh to Stansted on 11th March, 2012.

‘Oh, yes, so you did,’ says she, cool as the proverbial cucumber.

‘Ah ha,’ thinks I, I’ve got you.  Now you must admit you’ve tried to pull a fast one and that I do know how to use the Internet correctly.

But not a bit of it.  ‘Well, that flight hasn’t been in existence for many weeks now,’ she continued, ‘So you must have booked incorrectly and we can’t offer you a refund.’

Flippin’ heck.  ‘Okay,’ I said with a sense of foreboding, ‘How do I complain?’

‘Through our website.’

(Obviously, that’s the one I don’t know how to use.)

So I came off the ‘phone full of righteous indignation, all ready to send a fire and brimstone complaint until I thought to myself: it’s only £25 (+ £1 million for buying with a credit card). I can’t be bothered.

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