Brilliant marketing

ChipsAway is a customer of ours.

They are SMART repairers – SMART stands for Small to Medium Area Repair Technology – and effectively they repair small scuffs, scratches and other marks on cars and other vehicles without the need for putting the car into a more traditional body shop.

They paint cars and it’s a serious business.

I won’t go into all the benefits of this because my blog will begin to sound a bit like a commercial.  Instead I want to talk about ChipsAway and its sense of humour.

Have a look at this:

When I first watched it I thought: ‘yes, very funny and very well put together.’

I also thought: ‘blimey , they’ve got some spare time on their hands.’  But I was also motivated to call the Marketing Director and (mostly) tongue in cheek, asked him when I could have my own body work sorted out.

When he called back we had a good laugh about the video but he went on to explain why they did it… other than to put it up as an April Fools joke.

The whole piece cost them about £400 to put together, plus a bit of management time, of course.  They stuck it up on YouTube and today (6th April) there have been 4,051 views.  That’s a little under 10p per view.

What absolutely brilliant marketing.

In my view, the video is not only great value for money it also demonstrates that ChipsAway has a real sense of humour.  In other words it puts a human face on the franchise operation which just may encourage potential franchisees to get in touch.

It has to be said that their main website address is displayed prominently, too, which will lead to more inbound leads for the network and there’s just enough in the video to demonstrate what ChipsAway is really all about

Everyone’s a winner.

My own favourite line from the video is when the IT Director is introduced with the words: ‘… and like most IT Directors he doesn’t get that much exposure to direct sunlight!’

Very funny.

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