Being a trainer does not equal a healthy life

There was a bit on the news last week about ‘Middle Age’ and how old you are at its onset.

A survey of 1,000 people suggests that Middle Agedness starts at 54 years 347 days.

I think I have a much better definition, though.  Middle Age is when the broad mind and narrow waist change places… and it was with this in mind that my darling trouble and strife decided to buy me some sessions with a personal trainer for my birthday.

And I have to say she was quite right to get them for me.  You see, I have played sport since I was 13 years old but gave up most forms except a bit of hillwalking a few years back.  I was in danger of… well let’s just say I was turning the same shape as my dad.

But 16 personal training sessions later (with Craig of Elite Fitness) and my stomach is flat (ish) again, I have muscles in my arms and I feel stronger, my back aches less and I have more energy.

However there’s a downside.

You see, I’ve now joined the gym (on a package that gives me unlimited fitness classes: Tabata on Monday, Circuit Training Tuesday, Spin on Wednesday and Body Pump (yes, Body Pump) on Thursday) and I’m really conscious of healthy eating, fitness and all the rest of it.

In fact, I’ve become a bit obsessive about it… I’ve not had a bar of chocolate since May!

Being a trainer (i.e. delivering sales and management courses) I’m away quite a lot.  I was in an hotel last week thinking about breakfast when it suddenly dawned on me that it’s virtually impossible to eat healthily whilst staying in a British hotel.  The healthiest thing about the hotel where I was staying was that the fried bread for breakfast was granary.

I’m ashamed to say that I succumbed and had beans, a sausage, fried egg and piece of granary fried bread.

Oh, well… the diet had been successful to that point and I only weigh myself once a week so I now have 7 days to make sure I don’t fall off the wagon again.

I know I’m in danger of becoming evangelical but it’s really easy to slip into the habit of not exercising enough, eating crap all day and wondering why my trousers are a little tight around the ol’ waistband.

The benefits of doing just a bit of exercise, eating an apple instead of a chocolate bar and a piece of fish a couple of times a week are massive.  I am hugely aware that I feel so much better just being a bit fitter than I was.

There you go – evangelical bit over… back to ranting next week.

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