Be careful what you wish for

I was wandering aimlessly through Luton Airport earlier today, having surreptitiously squirted aftershave in the duty free shop (we all do it) when I suddenly remembered that I needed cash for the taxi home.
No sooner had the thought intruded on my mind when a cash machine appeared to my left hand side.
I swear to you it wasn’t there before I had the thought.
It reminded me of a time when my wife and I were on holiday in Miami. We were walking around the marina, getting pretty hot and wishing that we could find a bar to have a cool and refreshing glass of something.
We even spent some time talking about what the bar would look like. Palm frond roof, full of locals not tourists (we weren’t tourists, we were travellers) and serving bar snacks.
No sooner did we have the thought than the bar appeared, exactly as described. I’m not kidding you, it truly was just as we imagined it, complete with harbour master in a baseball cap in the corner.
In turn, I was reminded of another incident on the same hols… this time we were walking up to a peak in Yosemite and feeling pretty desperate for a) an ice cream and b) a toilet. We started describing what we would like to see at the top of this mountain (apart from a view of Half Dome, that is).
And, lo and behold, at the top was a cafe selling just about the best ice cream I’ve ever tasted.
Now I’m getting worried. I’m worried about what else I’ve imagined and wished for in the past and, more worryingly, did I get it?
For example, right now in our business I’m imagining a lot more work, a couple of new strings to our bow and and influx of staff. What if that happens? Are we ready for it? Should I even be thinking about expanding at the moment, given the other things we’re doing?
It’s a conundrum.
Or is it?
Just like the cash machine, the bar and the cafe, we’ll take advantage of the situation as and when it arises… when the cash machine appeared I got cash out, when the bar came into view we had a drink and when the loos… well, you get the picture.
Im going to continue to envision our business in the future and with a bit of luck and hard work it will happen.
What are you envisioning?

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