A good project

Every so often a project comes along that makes you think you’re making a real difference… and I’m in the middle of one of those projects right now.
When I say ‘a real difference’ I really mean it on a number of levels. There’s a chance to make a difference to a business as a whole, to teams within the business and to individual members of those teams. Let me see if I can give you an example of each.
The programme I’m running is for a cross section of managers and certain less experienced managers are getting the chance to shine… something that hasn’t happened for a while. One particular manager was put into a position of responsibility in the group, which was full of big characters, and really stepped up to the mark.
She controlled the unruly members of the group but did it with a smile on her face, kept clear goals in mind and made sure the group hit its timescales.
She left the programme absolutely buzzing, which was great to see.
The collection of managers (what is the collective term for a group of managers? A pack? A gaggle? A flange of managers?) hadn’t really worked together before. They were a new team and didn’t really know each other. Worse than this, they didn’t trust each other which meant they were constantly vying for position, challenging things that didn’t really need to be challenged and trying to score points against each other.
Hmmm… not good.
So we created a programme in which they had to work together to achieve and to help them understand each other, too. Now, it’s early days, but the last meeting they had achieved more in the two hour allotted time than they’d achieved in the five all day meetings they had previously held.
The good thing is, the task they had to achieve together is directly linked to a change in direction of the business, which is not in brilliant shape. We’ve been able to focus minds on creating a programme of projects that, when they are completed, will make a massive difference to the business… so much so that we could be talking about the difference between survival and making fabulous return.
The really, really good thing is that the business has a finite amount of time available to it to make the changes which means I get to stay with the team and actually witness the success of the programme.
and that doesn’t happen very often.

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